Why Flex Duct Is Bad?

High resistance to airflow, easily compressible, less durable, prone to poor installation, and many more reasons can be named that make flex ducts a bad duct system. Why Flex Duct Is Bad You might have heard a lot of people complaining about flex ducts even though they are the most used ductwork. People complain about… Continue reading Why Flex Duct Is Bad?

What Are the Types of Duct Systems?

Flexible ductwork, rigid ductwork, and semi-rigid ductwork are the primary types among duct systems. From newly constructed commercial buildings to long-lived apartments, the extensive network of ducts ensures healthy air contributions overall. To acknowledge the reason for keeping the ducts in top condition, you need to know about different duct systems.   From Basics- What Are… Continue reading What Are the Types of Duct Systems?